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Sunday, April 23, 2017

Cardboard Creations Challenge

Each year the Imagination Foundation presents a Global Cardboard Challenge. This annual challenge was inspired by the short film, Caine's Arcade.
Caine's Arcade

Cannon Elementary has participated in this challenge in the past with great success. The Cardboard Challenge is a natural extension of our STEM culture and it gives students an opportunity to use the engineering design process along with creative thinking to plan and create!  This year we decided to participate once again but added an 'Earth Day' theme to the challenge. The added challenge of the Earth Day theme was, at first, a little intimidating for these first graders but we researched environmental issues, shared ideas about how to solve problems, checked in daily on progress and offered feedback. Ultimately, our class was well represented and these creations did not disappoint!

Aidan's prototype of a Compost Tumbler takes
leaves and food scraps, rotates them in the tumbler
and in time, produces useful compost for gardens.

Eleanor's prototype of a Windmill Farm
uses wind energy as a non polluting,
clean source of renewable energy.

Ariana's Recycling Robot is
 a clever and creative reminder
to sort and recycle cans, plastic and paper.

Callan designed a Hovercraft using recycled materials.
He explained that the Hovercraft runs on oatmeal so any
 waste can be consumed by animals. He also
explained that if everyone used hovercrafts for transportation
then there would not be a need for roads or the vehicles and
equipment necessary for building roads.

Ipsita's Compost Bin contains leaves, grass,
lettuce, carrots and actual worms, reminding
us that items we might throw away can be combined,
broken down and reused as
nutrient rich compost in gardens.

Tate designed a model for a trash collector/compactor.
The front part of the vehicle sucks the trash in where
it is transported to the compacting machine in the back.
Our world produces a LOT of trash and the space to
house all the trash is a true environmental issue.

This may look like a cute cardboard bunny
but Kailah shared her idea of a Robotic Rabbit that eats litter,
then 'digests it' creating 'waste' that is good for gardens,
grass and plants. Now, that's creative!

Aariz is very interested in the Tesla so it is
no surprise that his cardboard creation
is an electric car with a battery complete with cable.

Ava and Grant created a Compost Bin complete with humus and
worms.  The explanation on the worm shows a clear understanding
of how worms help to transform food scraps into nutrient rich soil.

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Shabina Valliani said...

Wow awesome creative projects!