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Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Properties of Matter Design Challenge: Texture Totem Poles

After investigating the properties of matter (texture, flexibility, mass, color, shape and size), students were challenged to design and create a totem pole where the grouping rule for each level was texture.

We began by reading and researching totem poles: What is a totem pole? This research created a bit of a buzz in the classroom as many students were not at all familiar with the concept of a totem pole.

Armed with new learning, students were introduced to the challenge and the product criteria.

Before actually creating a plan, students participated in a materials investigation where they brainstormed possible materials and examined them to determine their texture.

Students then planned their material usage and drew a diagram of the totem pole they wanted to create.

Students used their plan to create their totem pole. Once complete, they rechecked the criteria list, met with a peer to gain feedback for improvement, revised their plan and moved forward with improvements. 

In addition to sharing their totem pole with the class, students also used the Draw and Tell app to showcase their work and explain the different textures.

All in all, I was impressed with students' engagement in this project, their quality of work and their skills at giving feedback and improving their work! Well done!

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cl said...

This has so many different aspects of learning to it, and it is naturally differentiated. The design of the lesson can easily be deepened for GT learners. Yay, Mrs. Boynton! We love your class!