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Saturday, April 30, 2016

Telling Time...and a Little App Smashing

First grade standards require that scholars tell time to the hour and the half hour. After handing out some small clock manipulatives and asking some questions, this pre-assessment quickly showed some of my students could tell time to the hour but some were reading 4 O'clock as 12:20 or 12:4 or 4:12. There were a variety of misconceptions related to telling time to the half hour. Many scholars were unsure which number was the hour when the hour hand stood between the two numbers...not sure which hand was which or which number was actually the hour. 
So, step some clocks and learn the components and functions of an analog clock. Using hula-hoops, cubes and Post-it notes made this activity super engaging. 

We used the hula-hoop clock and the clock manipulatives to support learning as we practiced telling time and recording time. We played I Have Who Has a lot. The kids love the game and they became pretty fluent at reading an analog clock. I got my game for from TPT for $2.00. 

I integrated several good literature pieces. (I try to read aloud as much as possible in all content areas.) Scholars used their clock manipulative to show the times outlined in the stories.
Thitles included: 
  • The Very Grouchy Lady bug
  • Telling Time With Big Momma Cat
  • Bats Around the Clock
  • It's All About time
  • The Clock Struck One
  • Telling Time With Puppies and Kittens
There are also several free telling time apps that help give immediate, corrective feedback.

As a final task, scholars created a project using some app smashing. They were instructed to choose four times in their day when they had scheduled events (ex: 7:00-get up, 5:30-eat dinner and so on). They needed to choose 2 'o'clocks' and '2 __:30's'. They chose a clock app, set the clocks and took screen shots. Then, they uploaded those four photos to the PicCollage app and saved. After that, they used that photo in the Write About app where they wrote sentences about what they did at those times of day and read the writing using the recording feature.

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