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Friday, December 11, 2015

Hour of Code

Our class participated in the Global Hour of Code this week. While these kids have been working through since the beginning of the year, they experienced some unique and engaging activities this week!

Scholars worked with Roamers (small robots) in the library. Mrs. Berumen challenged scholars to program the Roamer to navigate through a holiday maze. To learn more about Roamers, visit: Roamer Robots

Scholars also had the opportunity to work with Digital Design students from CHHS. These students came to our classroom, introduced the "Hour of Code' and shared their expertise. Scholars downloaded the iPad apps Lightbot and The Foos, then practiced coding skills as they progressed through levels being assisted by our visiting experts.

Finally, as a culminating project, scholars integrated literacy and technology using the iPad app ScratchJr to retell a simple story. The ScratchJR app provides a platform for creating interactive stories and games. Scholars learn to design projects, solve problems (debug) and express themselves creatively.

The story...

The criteria...
The Results...






To learn more about the Hour of Code and why this 21st century skill is so important, please visit: