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Sunday, October 25, 2015

Learning about Freedom, Service and Valor

Our school has a school wide assembly every Friday morning. I love that our entire school community comes together in one room for celebrations, recognitions and learning.

This week's Friday Assembly was truly something special as we hosted honored guests. We were joined by Retired Corporal USMC Hershel Woodrow Williams. He is a United States Medal of Honor recipient. He spoke to us about his career with the Marines and the experiences leading to his being awarded the Medal of Honor, the highest award that can be given to military personal for acts of valor.

To read the Medal of Honor citation: MoH Citation

We were also joined by Sargent Willingham, Corporal Rodriguez and  Lucca, a Marine Hero who was awarded the Purple Heart for her bravery after losing a leg to a roadside bomb while out on patrol in Afghanistan.

To learn more about: Lucca

Singer, songwriter and recording artist, Phil Vandel, was in attendance as well. He shared a few songs along with a message to set goals, work hard and follow your dreams.

Monday, October 19, 2015

Gathering Weather Data at Our Very Own Weather Stations

Our class has been visiting the Weather Stations in Cannon Garden regularly to observe and record weather data. The study of weather is part of our science curriculum and is an ongoing investigation in first grade.

See below for expectations, concepts and key questions.

Student Expectation

The student is expected to record weather information, including relative temperature, such as hot or cold, clear or cloudy, calm or windy, and rainy or icy; AND demonstrate that air is all around us and observe that wind is moving air.

Key Concepts

  • We can observe weather conditions around us using our senses.
  • Tools such as wind socks and thermometers can be used to gather weather information.
  • Weather data can be recorded in charts, tables, and graphs.

Fundamental Questions

  • What observations can we make about weather conditions?
  • What is the wind made out of?
  • How can we record weather data?

We begin our time in the garden by reciting the 'Garden Pledge'.

          I pledge allegiance to the Real School Garden for which it exists.  
          I pledge to be safe and not run.  
          I will honor all living things, including my classmates.
          I will be respectful of other learners in the garden. 
          I promise to have fun and to learn something new with a smile. 

This is followed by a brief walk through the garden to make observations and enjoy nature.

When we come back together, we record both quantitative data, using tools, and qualitative data, using our senses.

  • What can you tell about the season by observing the trees and plants?
  • How does the temperature feel? 
  • How does the sky look? 
  • Can you hear the wind? 
  • What evidence do you see that tells you the air is moving?
  • Do you observe clouds moving?
  • Can you smell rain in the air?
  • Air temperature - degrees Fahrenheit 
  • Water temperature - degrees Fahrenheit
  • Soil temperature - degrees Fahrenheit
  • Wind speed  - anomometer and windsock
  • Wind direction - windsock and weather vane
Learning about the weather in such an authentic way is just one thing we will be doing in the garden. This space holds an endless supply of learning opportunities!

Sunday, October 11, 2015

Cannon's Cardboard Challenge

Last  Friday, many Cannon scholars participated in a cardboard creation challenge. The results were amazing. This project was a fantastic way for scholars to nurture their creativity skills and begin to regulate their own learning by setting a goal and owning their own learning!

Check out some of these creations: