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Sunday, August 30, 2015

Cannon's Real School Garden: 26 Days and Counting!!!

Last year, the staff of Cannon Elementary began laying the groundwork for a 'REAL School Garden'. RSGs works together with the school community to create learning gardens in schools. Additionally, RSGs trains teachers in how to use the gardens to improve student engagement and achievement.

The entire staff was invited the share their vision of the ideal garden. This feedback became part of our application. As a result of this application, Cannon was selected as a finalist and representatives from RSGs came to Cannon for a formal interview with administrators, teachers, scholars and parents. In May we learned that we were selected as recipients for a RSG. Thanks to VERY generous funding and support from the Mercedes Benz Company, we are now moving forward to make this dream garden a reality!
The initial design for the garden has been completed and the infrastructure is underway. It will not be long before the space behind the school is completely transformed.


The 'Big Dig' is scheduled for Friday, September 25th and all members of the Cannon community are invited and encouraged to attend and lend a hand.

I am so excited about the potential learning opportunities and life skills this outdoor classroom holds for Cannon scholars. In addition, I think the garden will promote the sense of school pride and promote happier and healthier children! Stay tuned for pictures and follow-up stories!

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