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Friday, November 7, 2014

Engineering Rafts

A few weeks ago, we began an engineering challenge called 'The Raft Challenge'. Scholars were asked to work with a partner to plan and design a model raft that would float, hold themselves and four friends (5 washer weights), survive a rainstorm and survive waves. We began with a literature connection, one of my favorite books, The Raft by Jim LaMarche.

From there, scholars followed the engineering design process.

The final step of this learning project was to share the experience by writing a book during Writing Workshop. Today, scholars shared their books on their Weebly blogs. They wrote a page for each step in the Engineering Design Process and concluded their books by sharing what they learned throughout the process. Please follow this link to read their books.

One of the reasons scholars have a blog is because it provides practice in learning to be an effective communicator.  It also provides a venue for a real audience for their work. So, please feel free to comment on the books they posted and give them some growth producing feedback.