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Monday, September 29, 2014

Cannon's Cardboard Creations Challenge!!

Today was a very exciting day at Cannon as we launched the 
Cannon Cardboard Creation Challenge.  
This is part of a global cardboard challenge sponsored by the Imagination Foundation.

The idea is something awesome out of cardboard, recycled materials and imagination. To get inspired, watch this video, Caine's Arcade. We watched it at school today and I heard comments like, "Wow, Caine is super creative!" and "Caine is not afraid to do hard stuff." and "Can I make a cardboard creation too?"

The rules are simple...
  • Scholars will design and build their OWN cardboard creation at home using recyclable materials. 
  • Scholars should bring their creations to school on October 10th where all the creations will be on display for the entire school to see!
  • Siblings MAY work together.
  • Scholars choosing to participate, will earn an innovative thinking 'digital badge'!
  • All projects will be shared globally as Cannon Elementary has registered for the 2014 Global Cardboard Challenge!!

Just to get your creative juices flowing, check out these links then imagine your very own cardboard creation!

101 Things to Do With A Cardboard Box

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