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Friday, September 5, 2014

Building A Classroom Community

I am a lover of books...both children's books and adult books! This summer I was on a mission to find the perfect books to help establish our classroom climate. (By the way, I LOVE Amazon Prime! Any book I want or need is just a click and a day away!)
I looped with my students this year so I have, for the most part, the same students I had last year. So, it was no surprise to them that we began our first school day sharing a book together...and our second school day and out third school day....well, just about every day so far:)
In the days leading up to the first day of school, I selected some special books with which to begin the year. These books are entertaining to kids and also carry important messages about persistence, kindness, self control, and asking for help; all attributes of a positive classroom culture.

We read and discussed each book, determining the authors message and the 'moral of the story'. And, because our campus theme this year is 'Superheroes - What's your Superpower?', we assigned a 'superpower' to each book.

The kids have been rereading these books in our classroom library and we refer to our class superpowers often because the stories serve as reminders for the norms of our classroom.

Special thanks to the amazing teachers in my PLN for their suggestions and sharing spirit!

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