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Saturday, February 22, 2014

Mystery Readers Via Skype

One of the ways our class is connecting to the world around us is through an event called 'Mystery Readers'. We are using Skype to invite family members (grandparents, aunts and uncles, parents) who live far away to join us in our classroom and read a favorite book. The Mystery Reader is a secret until they appear on the screen. In addition to sharing a favorite book, they might tell about where they are Skyping from and a little about their town. We will be keeping track of all of our Mystery Readers using pins on Google Earth.
Our first Mystery Reader event was last Friday when Bradlee's aunt Kayla and Uncle Mitch skyped in from a small town outside of Tulsa, Oklahoma. Together they read the book Chuck's Band, by Peggy Anderson,  a local author from their town. The story was enjoyed by all and there were questions about other books about bands and other books by the same author. I have a feeling that during our next class trip to the library, there will be a run on Peggy Anderson books!
After the Skype session there was a lot of excitement in the room as scholars asked questions in anticipation of our next Mystery Reader next Friday.
Special thanks to Mitch and Kayla Puckett for jumping in and being our first Mystery Readers!

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