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Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Talking Shapes

We began a new math unit on geometry yesterday. Among other things, kinder scholars must be able to identify the 4 basic 2 dimensional shapes, describe their attributes and give real world examples of the shapes. Yesterday  I did a formative assessment using Nearpod and learned that while many scholars could name the 4 shapes, they had difficulty using math vocabulary to describe the shapes.
Today, I introduced each of the 4 shapes using a video I created using the app Chatterkid. This app is super easy and super quick!  The kids wanted to hear/see the videos over and over again. They can't wait to make their own shape videos...a great way to share their own learning.

I can see so many potential uses for Chatterkids as a platform for sharing learning.


Karen Whisler said...

These are fantastic! How long does it take to make each one?

Irene Boynton said...

They each took less than 2 minutes. I made the shape pics in DoodleBuddy then imported into the Chatterkid app.