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Thursday, January 31, 2013

Problem Solving is No Problem for Us!

In class, we've been talking about how math is everywhere! We read the book, 1 Hunter, by Pat Hutchins. This is a progressive counting book. As the story unfolds, a hunter blunders his way through the jungle looking for animals. He completely misses 2 elephants, 3 giraffes, 4 ostriches and so on all the way up to 10 parrots.

I posed the question, how many animals were in the jungle in total? Scholars loved the book and couldn't wait to get started! They had lots of strategies for solving the problem.

Andrea created a chart using cubes.

She then grouped the cubes into 10's and 1's.
She then counted the cubes totaling 54.
Jacky created an organized list then counted.
Angely created a chart and went back two times to check her work and make revisions. Her work is evidence of sticking with a problem until you get it right!!.   
Hayden wanted to use number sentences to solve the problem. He broke the numbers down into manageable pieces. When he finished, I challenged him to solve a new problem. 'What if each animal had 1 baby? How many animals would be in the jungle then?' (Hayden's handwriting was very light so he allowed me to trace over it with marker for purposes of sharing.)
Major solved the challenge question...'What if each animal had 1 baby? How many animals would be in the jungle then?' his head! I asked him to record his thinking.

Saturday, January 26, 2013

Expository Text

In Reading Workshop, scholars have been learning about the purpose and features of expository text. Scholars are learning to stop and notice when they've learned something new. They also know that if they can put new information into their own words, then they really have learned it. Small groups of readers were given a piece of expository text on the topic of canine helpers. Look how engaged they are!

After reading and discussing the text, scholars were asked to use the app Popplet to share what they had learned.

Abby's Popplet

Carter's Popplet

Jenna's Popplet

Thomas's Popplet

We had lots of fun this week learning doubles facts in math class. Scholars are discovering that once you know the doubles you can use those to know other number facts! For example: If you know 4 + 4 = 8 then you know 4 + 5 = 9 or 8 - 4 = 4.

Check out our doubles song!

Yellow Group Doubles Song

Green Group Doubles Song

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Texas Rangers Visit Cannon Elementary!

Today was Texas Rangers Day at Cannon Elementary.  Scholars and staff wore Rangers apparel and colors and representatives and players talked to the kids at a school wide assembly.  The message was work hard, play fair and never give up. Thanks Rangers!!

Thursday, January 10, 2013

Fact Fluency

This week scholars have been working on number fact fluency. After spending a lot of time with math tools in kindergarten and the first part of first grade I am confident that my scholars understand the concepts of combining and separating. I have observed that many of them labor over simple facts to 10.  Before introducing related facts and fact families, I knew we had do do some work on fact fluency. I found a great rap on Youtube that we listen to and sing along with every day.

I also created this visual that we use to practice.  The kids chant all the ways to make 10, in order, while I record them.

Scholars have also been practicing fact fluency in Math Stations.

This is a10 frame practice game.    10 Frame Game   
I just added it to my Symbaloo page and the kids can access it quite easily. There are 4 different levels of difficulty and it gives immediate feedback :)  The kids were very engaged!

I use UNO cards to create a '10's Go Fish' Game. I pulled out all the extra cards and the wildcard serves as a 10. I made a simple recording sheet for recording the matches as number sentences.

In this station scholars roll a dice and use cubes to show the number on a 10 frame. Then they figure out what number they need to make ten and record the number sentence. Their partner does the same thing on the other 10 frame and they check on each other.

Next week I have some fun games planned that involve adding doubles!