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Saturday, November 2, 2013

Caterpillar Design Challenge

Our class just completed our Caterpillar Design Challenge. This was our first big design challenge and the kids learned a lot about the design process, teamwork, failure and improvement and application of engineering principles.

We began our work with a video challenge.

This rubric was used to guide the work.

We then discussed 'Knows and Need to Knows'

To learn more about the appearance of the caterpillar, scholars participated in a Nearpod presentation on their iPads. Nearpod is an engaging, interactive multimedia presentation that allows participants to learn, view and respond.

We spent some time investigating the materials noting how they might be used in the construction of the caterpillar and observations about each item's properties.

To learn more about how toys move, scholars examined their toys at home and participated in a mini-workshop where they investigated the game, Hungry, Hungry Hippo. They discovered that to make a mouth that moves up and down they would need to design some sort of hinge. We also spent time investigating a variety of materials that would be available to create the caterpillars and the food.

 These were the first mouth prototypes.

As scholars began to plan their caterpillar they had to consider their budget. Each team was given 12¢ to purchase their materials. They used this budget sheet to place their orders.

Scholars then got to work on completing a labeled diagram of their design plan followed by creation of their prototype. Mouths were tested and improved as part of the design process.

Finally, scholars used the App IPEVO to share and present their design. A presentation rubric guided their work.

Here are their published presentations.

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