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Friday, October 11, 2013

Teaching Self Control

I've been thinking a lot lately about how to teach kindergarteners self control. They ARE five and I do hold very high expectations for classroom citizenship. The other day I was reading a blog that I follow and the teacher shared an idea for bringing the very abstract idea of 'self control' down to a very concrete level for kinder kids. I tried it today.

I explained that self control is when you really WANT to do something but decide that maybe here and now is not the best time to do it. For example, you might want to play during lunch but decide to wait until recess for that. Or, you might want to run down the hall at dismissal time but decide to wait until you get home to run in the yard. Or you might want to talk out in class but realize that it would disturb the others so you decide not to. As is true with all skills, they need to be practiced. So, I told the kids I was going to blow bubbles all around them and they had to 'practice' self control by not grabbing or popping the bubbles... even though they wanted to. (I assured them that at the end we would have some crazy time and I would allow them to grab and pop!)

They did a great job at practicing self control! Check out these pics.

I have a few other ideas for fun ways to practice self control and can't wait to try them.

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