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Sunday, October 6, 2013

Graphing in Kindergarten

Our Math curriculum in kindergarten calls for scholars to:
  • collect, sort and organize data into categories based on attributes
  • create graphs 
  • draw conclusions from graphs
These were our learning goals last week. Each day I introduced a Voki to engage scholars in a graphing challenge. Scholars responded to the challenges by creating real graphs, pictographs, graphs made from math cubes and finally they used the Doodle Buddy app on their iPads to show data on a graph. Scholars used the vocabulary more, less, most, least, many more and in all to compare and draw conclusions about the graph.

Lollipop Graph Voki

Pet Shop Graph Voki

Bakery Graph Voki

Toy store Graph Voki

1 comment:

Maureen said...

HI Irene - Maureen Simmons (Bear Creek) here. We love how hard your Kinders are working on graphing! We were also wondering how exactly you did the graphing activity on Doodle Buddy. How did you get that specific graph into the app, or is it already in the app? You can e-mail me @ when you have time. Thank You!