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Saturday, September 14, 2013

The iPad as a tool in Writing Workshop

The other day during Writing Workshop, I was conferencing with a scholar and he wanted to know how to write 'watermelon'.  I said, "Let your mouth tell your hand what to write." To which he replied, "w-w-w...I don't know what letter but I know it's like 'wagon' on that ABC app we use."
What a smart little scholar!!!

I had introduced the app ABC Magic to the class to build letter/sound connections.

It's not a productivity app...just a way to work on skills. But for me, this app just stepped up a level. In the past, I have printed out a reference card with letters and keywords for scholars to use during Writing Workshop. Now, scholars grab their iPad and open up ABC Magic for help with letters and keywords. The upside... the thing that makes the iPad app BETTER than the reference card... is that when a letter is tapped, it articulates the sound and the keyword. In my mind, this moves this app from substitution to augmentation on the SAMR model.


Amy said...

What a great connection he made! That's very cool. I agree... definitely moves it to an A on SAMR.

Megan Pettit said...

Thank you for sharing!