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Friday, September 13, 2013

Our First PBL

PBL stands for Problem Based Learning. In as much as possible, the problems presented to the class are real problems. Lessons are designed to allow for creative problem solving while incorporating grade level curriculum lessons and application of skills.
Our first PBL was the result of a request from Mr. Lollis, our music teacher. Each year he must learn the names and faces of a new group of kindergarteners so he sent our class a video asking for some help.

The scholars came up with a plan to use pictures of themselves that they had taken with their iPads along with their written names to help Mr. Lollis. I took this opportunity to teach them two new iPad apps, PicCollage and Storyrobe. They used PicCollage to import pics of themselves and their names made from magnetic letters. They also typed their names into their collage using the keyboard feature in PicCollage. I combined their PicCollages and helped them 'make a movie' as I modeled the use of the app Storyrobe.

This PBL was perfect for the first weeks of kindergarten as traditionally, we work on learning how to correctly write names. The scholars were more engaged in the learning because they were helping to solve a real problem. As we examined, sorted and read names, scholars came up with a list of attributes for names.

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Mr. Lollis said...

Mrs. Boynton and class. Thank you SO MUCH for the excellent video. I loved all the beautiful images of musical instruments and symbols, and the bright colors. The background matching your cub colors was especially helpful. Most of all, I loved your smiles and voices. GREAT JOB!!!