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Sunday, September 15, 2013

Hall of Fame

Each nine weeks I am asked to select one scholar to be inducted into Cannon Elementary School's Hall of Fame. The members of The Cannon Hall of Fame are a select group of scholars who strive to do their best academically, who are good citizens and who go above and beyond to make Cannon Elementary School a great place to learn.

Congratulations to Javed Drew for being the first kindergarten scholar inducted into The Cannon Hall of Fame for the 2013-2014 school year!

In our classroom we’ve developed some norms that help guide our work. We respect each other, we try our best, we learn from our mistakes, we create, we are a team and we celebrate each other’s successes. When I was thinking about who to nominate as our very first scholar to be inducted into the hall of fame, I was looking for someone who really exemplifies these expectations. Javed was an easy choice. He really does exemplify respect, teamwork, encouragement and persistence…and it’s not that making good choices is easy for Javed…on the contrary, he works very hard at it.
Perhaps the thing I love most about having Javed in class is how encouraging he is to the other scholars, his teams and his partner. I often hear Javed saying things like; good job or I like the way you did that or so-and-so really is a good thinker or you betcha! …with his thumbs up and a smile on his face. Javed really gets that it’s not always going to be about him – and he knows that sharing in everyone’s success makes our classroom a fun place to be.
It is with great pride that I welcome Javed Drew as the newest member of the Cannon Cub Hall of Fame!


Fred said...

Congrats, Javed! (and Rick & Jackie, of course)

Jackie Drew said...

What an honor. Thank you!

Anonymous said...

Congrats! Javed way to go(Great parent examples I totally see where he gets it from Rick and Jackie)

Candy Jaimes :0)