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Saturday, August 31, 2013


Our class will be practicing 21st Century Learning Skills throughout the year. 21st Century Learning Skills are communication, collaboration, critical thinking and creativity. These skills will help prepare scholars for college and the careers of tomorrow.
During our first week together we focused on communication and collaboration as we developed norms for teamwork. First, I challenged scholars to work as a team and use 15 Dixie cups to build a tower that was both tall and strong.

When the excitement of this challenge abated, I gathered scholars to talk about 'teamwork'. I asked what teamwork would look like and sound like. They had some great ideas! I used their ideas to build this kindergarten teamwork rubric for self assessing.

The next day I wanted scholars to really practice the teamwork skills so we reviewed the rubric and I presented a new challenge. I asked teams to use Keva blocks to build a tower that was both tall and strong...AND be a good team member.
Imagine my delight as saw one scholar hurry to his table and say, "OK guys, how are we going to build this thing?"  :)

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