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Saturday, August 31, 2013


Our class will be practicing 21st Century Learning Skills throughout the year. 21st Century Learning Skills are communication, collaboration, critical thinking and creativity. These skills will help prepare scholars for college and the careers of tomorrow.
During our first week together we focused on communication and collaboration as we developed norms for teamwork. First, I challenged scholars to work as a team and use 15 Dixie cups to build a tower that was both tall and strong.

When the excitement of this challenge abated, I gathered scholars to talk about 'teamwork'. I asked what teamwork would look like and sound like. They had some great ideas! I used their ideas to build this kindergarten teamwork rubric for self assessing.

The next day I wanted scholars to really practice the teamwork skills so we reviewed the rubric and I presented a new challenge. I asked teams to use Keva blocks to build a tower that was both tall and strong...AND be a good team member.
Imagine my delight as saw one scholar hurry to his table and say, "OK guys, how are we going to build this thing?"  :)

Thursday, August 29, 2013

Are we excited about iPads or what?!

THE biggest question from these kindergarteners on the first day of school was...when are we getting our iPads?
On Tuesday (the second day of school) scholars got their iPads. They quickly learned how to turn the iPad on and off, located the home button, practiced swiping and how to flexibly use the Otter Box case. I showed them a few things about the app 'Doodle Buddy' and they were off.

We've been talking about attributes this week so today scholars used the stamp feature on Doodle Buddy to group items by their attributes. It was a great formative assessment piece for me as I watched scholars group items by: living and non-living, different types of animals, different types of animal movements, holidays, shapes, colors and more!

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Classroom Library

Here are some pics of our classroom library. There is a little tunnel to enter and some fun places to read inside the center!

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Meet Rita!

This is recycling Rita. She lives in our classroom. I got Rita started but she will be an ongoing project in our classroom. As scholars consider whether to throw away or recycle they will also need to consider if there is a creative way to use a recyclable item to improve Rita's appearance.
I can't wait to see how Rita evolves!!

Rita was constructed by Mr. Boynton using leftover wood from woodworking projects.

I created Rita's head using a recycled lettuce container, some plastic lids and a laundry detergent spout. Her hair is made from an old kite tail and her head is filled with old ribbon, wires and paper scraps.

Sunday, August 18, 2013

Welcome Cannon Scholars!!

I am so excited to meet all of you! You are going to LOVE kindergarten.
Please click on the link below to learn about our 1st Day Challenge!
Also, check back throughout the week. I will be posting photos from our classroom.

1st Day Challenge... On the 1st day of school, please bring 1 item that follows these 3 rules:
Your item must be connected to STEM in some way.
Your item must be no bigger than an iPad.
The name of your item must begin with the first letter of your first name.
I hope you are up for the challenge. Have fun!