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Friday, May 3, 2013

Math Workshop: Learning Stations

This week during Math Workshop, scholars have been working in learning stations. The stations were developed to build number sense and review previously taught concepts.

Station 1 - Tile Challenges: Scholars were challenged to follow a set of directions that included counting, geometry, patterns and critical thinking. They recorded their thinking using pictures and PicCollage.

 Station 2 - Math review on Symbaloo: Scholars chose from a number of math concept games created by PBS Kids and compiled by Kinderchat into a webmix. This was shared by Matt Gomez on Twitter and Pinterest. (If you are a teacher, you need to follow Matt Gomez!)

Station 3 - Counting Bags: Scholars worked on solidifying number sense for numbers between 0-100 as they built early place value skills. They recorded their thinking using pictures and PicCollage.

Station 4 - Math Fact Fluency: Scholars worked with iPads in an app called AbiTalk Fun Math to build fact fluency. I especially like this app because it can be differentiated and provides a progress report for each scholar.

Station 5 - Meet with the Teacher: I very much enjoyed meeting with small groups of scholars this week as we located numbers on a 0-99 chart, built numbers with cubes placing them on a place value chart, discussed 10 more/10 less and practiced counting by 10's beginning with any number.

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