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Thursday, April 11, 2013

Worms...friend or foe?

After planting in Cannon Elementary School's new garden center a few weeks ago, scholars became interested in worms. After a bit of "oh, worms are so gross", they began to ask questions. This led me to design a research project around WORMS.
We began by investigating worms - observing, discussing and touching.

Then we decided to do an experiment to see if worms really did help plants grow. Each scholar planted 2 broccoli plants: one with a worm and one without a worm. We've been observing and discussing their growth for a few weeks now.

While we were waiting for the broccoli to grow, we did a little research. Scholars read books and used online resources to gather information. We used a RAN chart to organize our thinking and learning.

For the past week, scholars have been working on conveying their learning by writing a nonfiction book about worms.They used a tree map to organize the information then designed and wrote the pages in an app called Keynote. They then took screenshots of the Keynote pages and uploaded them and read each page using the app Storyrobe (I love this app!!).
Check out some samples of their work.



Jemima Inigo said...

I absolutely love everyone's worm book! Great job, scholars! Very informative stuff!

Jemima Inigo said...

I absolutely love all the worm books! Great job, scholars! Very informative stuff!