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Monday, April 8, 2013

Money Podcast$

Math Class
In first grade scholars are responsible for examining the attributes of coins in order to identify them. They must also know the value of each coin and be able to show it in a variety of ways. After spending some time investigating coins and playing some games with coins, scholars were ready to 'show what they know'.
Miss Pettit, kindergarten teacher, asked if scholars would share their knowledge with her kindergarten class. First grade scholars decided to create podcasts to share their learning. They took the job of teaching kindergarten scholars very seriously!  They were totally engaged in this project.

As part of the Dual language Program, Math is taught in English. Scholars worked together with their Bilingual Buddies to create and produce their podcasts. They first created a learning page for each coin using Pic Collage. Then they layered that into Educreations in order to combine the teaching component and the voice.

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Anonymous said...

These money lessons are so much fun to watch! I can see how hard everyone worked and I am glad they are learning all about coins. The fact that they have created their own podcasts is just amazing. What a great lesson!

Melissa (Austin's mom)