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Thursday, April 4, 2013

A Living Alphabet

One of the features of our Dual Language classroom is a student generated alphabet. This alphabet is designed by students, displayed in the classroom and used by students to learn a new alphabet, new vocabulary and a new language. During the past few weeks I have worked with the native Spanish speakers on a digital alphabet project. Scholars have been learning about living things in Science class so we decided to create a 'living alphabet'. Scholars first defined the attributes of living things then searched through books and online for lots of examples of living things. Next, scholars decided on an interesting living thing for each letter of the alphabet. They used and app called Pic Collage to create a collage representing their idea. Then, they imported the images into an app called Storyrobe. This app allows the user to give voice to each page of a presentation. Check out their presentation.

Mrs. Inigo worked with the native English speakers to design and produce a Spanish 'living alphabet'.

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