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Monday, March 18, 2013

How does your garden grow?

Cannon Elementary received grants from the GCISD Education Foundation and Action for Healthy Kids which funded our new outdoor gardens!!! Thank you Education Foundation AND The Action for Healthy Kids organization!

Our class planted radishes today! I was worried that the kids wouldn't know what a radish was and had maybe never tasted one before, so to build background knowledge, we played a game of 20 questions. I placed a radish in 'the mystery bag' and scholars asked questions to determine the attributes of the mystery object. As they asked questions and phrased the new information in the form of an attribute, it was recorded on Padlet. After 20 questions, Austin was able to tell the class that it was a radish!
Use a QR code reader to check out our work on Padlet.

Scholars then tasted radishes - at least the brave ones did. We then went out to the garden to work the soil, plant the seeds and water.

 Now we wait....

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