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Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Reading Workshop: Retelling

Retelling is an essential building block skill for young readers. Readers must be able to remember what they read, determine what is important about the story and retell the events in order. This group of scholars read the book, Peace at Last by Jill Murphy. After reading, they uploaded pictures from the book into the app Educreations and recorded their retellings. Check out their work below.

Peace at Last Retelling - Jenna

Peace at Last Retelling - Heidi

Peace at Last Retelling - Austin

Peace at Last Retelling - Gracie

Peace at Last Retelling - Mufaddal

Peace at Last Retelling - Mateo

Peace at Last Retelling - Thomas

Peace at Last Retelling - Abby

Thursday, February 21, 2013

The Bus Problem

In an effort to have scholars solve real world problems, the following problem was presented in  today's math class. -->

The Bus Problem

We are going on a field trip tomorrow. The bus has 26 seats. 3 scholars can sit in each seat. How many scholars will fit on the bus?

We have 70 scholars in first grade. How many buses will we need?

First responses went something like... "We have 4 classes so we need 4 buses." and "We had 2 buses in kindergarten so let's just order 2 buses." And my favorite, "We need 70 buses, one for each kid." 
After some discussion about the information in the problem scholars got to work using a variety of strategies.

These 3 teams used math tools to build 26 rows of 3 representing the seats on the bus. Then they put the pieces in groups of 10 for easier counting.

 This team used tally marks to show 26, 3 times then counted by 5's and added the 3 extra at the end.

There were a few teams that used a picture strategy where they drew 26 bus seats and added 3 kids to each seat.
All of these teams came up with the idea that 78 kids could fit on the bus and since we had only 70 kids 1 bus would work. Then I said what about the 5 teachers? They were quick to come up with 75 with 1 seat or 3 spots open.

My scholars are so smart:)

Friday, February 15, 2013

Reading Workshop: Making Connections to the BIG Idea

After completing midyear reading assessments, I noticed that scholars were not consistently making connections to the big ideas in narrative text. They were making connections but many were to unimportant parts of the story and therefore unhelpful in assisting them in their ability to retell, summarize, infer character feelings/motives and determine author's purpose. As a result, I decided to spend some time on 'theme'. Scholars are reading groups of books with a common theme, determining the theme, and then making connections. With scaffolding, they seem to be making more helpful connections that go deeper than, "I have a dog too!".

Scholars used the app PicCollage to show their learning.

Friday, February 8, 2013

Expository Text

After reading about how different animals move, scholars used Pic Collage to create a poster reflecting their learning. (More to come as students finish up.)

Math Curse!

After reading the book Math Curse by Jon Scieszka, scholars began to think that I had put a math curse on them! The began to see math everywhere...even on the playground. As scholars played on the playground equipment, I took photos of them. Then, we turned the experience into a math problem for them to solve. I was very impressed with the variety of strategies they used to solve the problem.

Green Group Problem

Yellow Group Problem