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Thursday, January 31, 2013

Problem Solving is No Problem for Us!

In class, we've been talking about how math is everywhere! We read the book, 1 Hunter, by Pat Hutchins. This is a progressive counting book. As the story unfolds, a hunter blunders his way through the jungle looking for animals. He completely misses 2 elephants, 3 giraffes, 4 ostriches and so on all the way up to 10 parrots.

I posed the question, how many animals were in the jungle in total? Scholars loved the book and couldn't wait to get started! They had lots of strategies for solving the problem.

Andrea created a chart using cubes.

She then grouped the cubes into 10's and 1's.
She then counted the cubes totaling 54.
Jacky created an organized list then counted.
Angely created a chart and went back two times to check her work and make revisions. Her work is evidence of sticking with a problem until you get it right!!.   
Hayden wanted to use number sentences to solve the problem. He broke the numbers down into manageable pieces. When he finished, I challenged him to solve a new problem. 'What if each animal had 1 baby? How many animals would be in the jungle then?' (Hayden's handwriting was very light so he allowed me to trace over it with marker for purposes of sharing.)
Major solved the challenge question...'What if each animal had 1 baby? How many animals would be in the jungle then?' his head! I asked him to record his thinking.

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