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Saturday, September 22, 2012

In Math class this week, scholars worked on a PBL (Problem Based Learning) scenario.  The Cannon Elementary PTA asked the first graders to help them gather information in preparation for the upcoming Fall Festival (October 13!). The PTA was interested in learning about what festival activities were most interesting to first grade students.  Mrs. Johnson, PTA president, sent a video to us outlining the request for data.
Scholars surveyed their peers, recorded data using tally marks, built graphs and communicated the data using an app called Educreations.
Consuelo's data - yellow team

Austin's data - green team
To conclude the PBL scenario, scholars worked in pairs to create a video to send to Mrs. Johnson communicating their findings. Each pair had an 'anchorperson' and a 'videographer'.

Mateo: Anchorperson & Angel: Videographer

 Jackie: Anchorperson & Kate: Videographer

We all had a super busy and super fun week in Math class AND mastered our 1st grade curriculum objectives of collecting data, graphing data and interpreting graphs. We also worked on the 21st century learning skills of collaborating, communicating and critical thinking!

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Cannon had an official STEM kick-off yesterday afternoon!  STEM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering and Math and Cannon Elementary is committed to preparing our scholars with the skills necessary to be successful in these fields. Students will be participating in regular design challenges and project based learning scenarios designed to build their communication, collaboration and critical thinking skills.
Please check in regularly for pictures and updates:)

STEM showcase located in the foyer

Stevie, Cannon's STEM mascot created by a team of 5th grade scholars using recycled materials