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Sunday, November 11, 2012

Design Challenge: Building a House

After reading The Three Little Pigs; an Architectural Tale, scholars were asked to design and build a house that would be big enough to hold a pig (a toy pig) and withstand wind (a blow dryer). The materials included wooden blocks, straws, craft sticks and play dough/clay.

Mr. Elmore, a local builder, visited with scholars to share how builders plan, design, and build homes.

Scholars had lots of questions.

Scholars 'played' with materials prior to planning and ordering materials.

Thinking about the properties of each of the materials...

Scholars planned their house design using a 'blueprint'.

Working together on blueprints

Building; first attempts.

Testing to see if the pig will fit

The improvement stage

Scholars rebuild their houses based on what they learned from first attempts.

Testing the houses

Testing the houses with fingers crossed!!

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