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Thursday, October 25, 2012

What we're doing digitally...

This week, during Reading/Writing Workshop, one group of scholars read the book, A House is a House for Me, by Ann Hoberman.

This book is about all different kinds of homes and begins with very typical house/resident relationships...A nest is a home for a bird, for example. It then goes on to more imaginative house/resident relationships...A sandwich is a home for some ham, for example.

Scholars were then challenged to use their imaginations to plan and write their own 'A House is a House for Me' books. They used a bridge map to plan their stories. Some of their ideas were:
A head is a home for a brain. 
A neck is a home for a necklace. 
A pen is a home for ink.

Then, they used an App called Scribble Press to publish their books.

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