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Monday, October 29, 2012

Digital Learning With Nearpod

This morning our class used a new learning tool - Nearpod.  Nearpod is an interactive, collaborative presentation tool that allows teachers to share content, monitor activity and assess scholars in real time.  I found Nearpod very easy to use and the scholars were totally engaged!

This morning's presentation was an entry event for our new Reading and Writing PBL:
How is my life the same and different from other children around the world?  

We'll be reading some great literature:
The librarian of Basra, Jeanette Winter
Rain School, James Rumford
Giamoto, Karen Williams
Amelia's Road, Linda Altman
Beatrice's Goat, Page McBrier
A Place Where Hurricanes Happen, Renee Watson

Scholars will make connections and build background knowledge as the compare and contrast their own lives to the lives of children across the globe.

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