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Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Hi Scholars!  I hope all of you are enjoying your summer.  I thought it might be fun if we 'blogged', or talked throughout the summer:) 

Each week, I will present a new topic, or challenge, and you can blog about your ideas, your wonderings and your learning. I will respond to you and you can respond to each other.

To get us started, let's talk about a book you've read (or that has been read to you) this week. You can say if you liked it or didn't like it and why, or you can tell a little bit about it, or you can recommend it to someone else that you think might like it.

For example:

I read the book, Blueberries for Sal.  It's about a little girl who goes berry picking with her mother.  At the very same time, a bear cub is hunting for berries with her mother.  Sal and the baby bear get all mixed up begin to follow the wrong mothers!
I would recommend this book to any of you because it's just a fun summer story. Also, the the words are written in blue instead of black because it's about blueberries - a clever choice by the author:) 


Anonymous said...

Hi Mrs. Boynton! I LOVE your new blog!! What a great way to share ideas with your dual language scholars. I am really looking forward to seeing the comments that are shared about favorite books read so far this summer. I have been busy with summer school, so I haven't had too much time to read for pleasure, but I have several books that I have on my list to read - I can't wait! Thanks for being such an awesome teacher Mrs. B.!!
Ms. Taylor

Anonymous said...

Hi from Austin, Tx. So far we've been reading chapter books from the Junie B. Jones series. Right now I am reading Junie B. Jones is a Party Animal while on my trip. It is a silly fun book because Junie says the funniest things. The main character and her friends are my age and I enjoy reading about their adventures. I have lots more Junie books to read when I am finished with this one. I will post another blog "speedy quick".

Irene Boynton said...

Mateo, I agree with you - The Junie B.Jones books are silly. Junie makes me laugh! I also love books in a series because once I finish a book I can always count on having another good book to read:)

Anonymous said...

We have been reading Jack and Annie at out house. From Kate.

Anonymous said...

I read Barbie Princess Charm School and Sammie the Seal and Snail's Adventures at School.
I am going to a reading class on Sundays. Sydney has been helping me learn to read too.


Irene Boynton said...

I am so glad to hear that you are reading a lot Jessie! It sounds like you have picked out some good books too!
I've been reading a lot of books this summer as well. That's smething we have in common:) We both love to read!

Anonymous said...

to Ms Boynton,
Tomorrow we are going to get Blueberries for Sal at the library.
from jessie

Irene Boynton said...

Let me know how you like it. Another book by the same author is Make Way For Ducklings - I really like that one too.